IN 2015, Tim alongside with Max conceptualized a new gin: a deep blue gin characterized by a distinct fruity and floral body, topped off with a distinguished twist. When combined with tonic, the otherwise royal blue color undergoes a natural reaction, to become a gentle pink concoction. And with that, The Illusionist Dry Gin was born.

Being new in the scene, the gin presented itself only to a select number of bars, and quickly became the little secret in the gastronomy of Munich. Now, it caters to a larger scale of daily memorable experiences throughout Germany and neighboring markets.

Unravel the secret of the Illusionist Dry Gin - a deep blue gin that enchants and transports gin enthusiasts to a realm of exceptional craftsmanship, premium botanicals, and a touch of magic. Mix with Tonic and watch as the colour transforms to a gentle pink.

THE ILLUSIONIST DRY GIN combines influences from around the world. Floral. Fruity. Unexpected. An “unfiltered” gin, composed of earthy-warm nutmeg shells, citrus elements and blended with licorice roots. A total of 16 botanicals combine to deliver a smooth and unobtrusive taste despite the 45% alcohol content. All botanicals are of the highest quality, sourced from select suppliers both regionally and internationally.

Often, it is easy to take for granted the attentive care we place in the selection of our ingredients that give life to our uniquely balanced product. It is, in essence, the delicate complementarity of aroma and taste between our 16 hand-picked ingredients which are so graciously persuasive, time and time again.

BEHIND THE SCENES of every great endeavor are real people who are committed in their relentless action to a commonly shared vision, and the Illusionist Distillery is no exception. Our dedication to source ingredients through long-term prosperous relationships with regional and international farmers in local artisan communities is what reaffirms the consistency of flavor and quality. Without this thriving cooperation our hand-crafted gin would never have been able to flourish.

A result of our commitment to regionally sourcing only the best botanials harvested in their ideal agricultural conditions, is the seasonality of the Illusionist Dry Gin. This bestows upon our gin a wonderfully ephemeral character, making every batch unique in its own right due to the constant subtleties of variation between winter and summer harvests.

Angelika Root - Bulgaria || Cardamom - Guatemala || Chamomile - Egypt || Citrus Fruits - Spain || Mace - India || Cranberries - Germany || Ginger - China || Lavender - France || Lemongrass - Egypt 

BLANKETING THESE BALANCED FLAVORS is its mysterious blue hue. Given its natural attributes, the blue coloration undergoes a transformation when blended with acidic fruity mixers, making it a spectacle to witness at home, in a bar, or wherever you decide to enjoy it. Simply add tonic water and behold the wondrous colour-change from its royal blue to a gentle lavender pink.

OVER THE COURSE OF A YEAR, our two founding Illusionists designed a multitude of recipes, which were tested and reviewed across many Friday night private social gatherings. Meticulous trial and error within a predefined framework of desired flavor and aroma eventually led to today’s recipe. A homemade pot still followed soon thereafter, fashioned from old laboratory glass coolers and second hand materials. Each and every process nurtured by hand, there isn’t a single bottle that skips the hands of the Illusionist Team. Come 2018, the pot still was given an upgrade, a new copper still crafted by Arnold Holstein. Despite the upgrades, attention to detail remains: each bottle with its art-nouveau stylized label continues to be manually processed.

The Illusionist Dry Gin aims to bring in a fresh breath of air by injecting excitement and innovation into something deeply rooted in experimental tradition, the mystical world of Gin craftsmanship.

IT'S IN OUR PHILOSOPHY to create the unexpected. We sought out to challenge the status quo of the gin industry, by delivering not only a visually engaging, palatable product, but one that continues to draw people back for an overall wondrous experience.


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