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500ml, 45% Vol.

The one-of-a-kind blue gin in a one-of-a-kind box

T̶H̶I̶N̶K̶ DRINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Concealed in this exclusive ornamental encasement, is the Illusionist Dry Gin, only barely visible through the bottle shaped, latticed aperture.

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The founders of Illusionist Dry Gin, Tim Steglich and Max Muggenthaler, had a clear vision for Illusionist Distillery in 2015. They wanted to develop a recipe for a blue gin that stood out from other brands and had a fruity, floral taste. Natural ingredients such as Clitoria ternatea (butterfly flower) or blue gardenia have the ability to make gin blue alongside other spirits or drinks. By using natural ingredients, we are able to create a consistent colour every time we make a batch of Illusionist Dry Gin.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our natural ingredients from the best suppliers worldwide. Using the global market ensures that we never settle for second best. We have also never relied on vendor quotes when selecting ingredients. We developed several recipes, made several batches of Dry Gin and served these recipes to selected customers. After a whole year of testing, we refined our recipe and launched The Illusionist Dry Gin.

Although our Dry Gin has a rich blue hue, it changes colour when mixed with different mixers. The combination with mixers like tonic water affects the pH balance. As the acidity increases, the gin changes colour to a soft pink.


A premium liquor makes an excellent gift for many people and for a variety of occasions. Choosing the perfect gifts of The Illusionist Dry Gin starts with the recipient and the reason for the gift.

Perhaps your parents or in-laws are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Such a milestone calls for a special gift that lives up to the significance of the occasion. The Illusionist Dry Gin Gift Box is a great choice as our 500ml bottle comes in a bespoke box that ensures a perfect presentation. The bottle is stored in the box and the packaging protects the bottle during transport.

The Illusionist Mysterium Gift Set is also a fantastic gift option. Like The Illusionist Dry Gin Gift Box, the Illusionist Mysterium Gift Set comes in a custom-made box and each item is carefully wrapped to protect it during transport. The Illusionist Mysterium Gift Set contains a 500ml bottle of Illusionist Dry Gin and two individual Erlenmeyer flask glasses, making it perfect for couples embarking on a romantic getaway.

Wine or spirits are also Hallmark's recommended gift choices for a 17th anniversary. Of course, you don't have to stick to the recommended gift suggestions and can surprise friends, family or your spouse with The Dry Illusionist Gin on any anniversary.

Maybe you have a friend or family member moving into a new house and know they'll be happy to have extra space to entertain guests. The Illusionist Home Bar Bundle makes a fantastic housewarming gift. The package includes a 500ml bottle of Illusionist Dry Gin and a bar runner that looks stylish and keeps your bottles and glasses in place. The Illusionist Potion Package is another great choice as it includes a quick opener, six glass straws and a straw cleaner along with a 500ml bottle of Blue Gin.

Shopping on a budget can be a challenge, but we have some affordable items you can consider. First, think about why you want to buy a gift and whether you know the recipient.

Let's say your workplace is exchanging gifts anonymously during the holidays and you're not sure who will receive your gift. The Illusionist Dry Gin Minis is the cheapest way to buy gin for an unknown recipient. You could also buy Illusionist accessories such as a carry bag, a quick speedopener and a set of reusable glass straws that come with a straw cleaner. The straws are dishwasher safe and can be used for any drink, making them ideal for any recipient.

Maybe you're buying for several friends. Ordering a pack of The Illusionist Dry Gin Minis is a great option as you can share the pack and give each recipient a 50ml bottle of the blue gin. You can also use these bottles for small gift baskets. Add a glass, a small bottle of tonic water or lemon juice and other things they can use to the baskets. You can also print out cocktail recipes from our website and put them in the basket to inspire the recipient.

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You can also save money by purchasing our sets. Although you can purchase each item in the Illusionist Potion Package individually, you will save by purchasing the Potion Package. You can also make some savings on your gin purchase by buying The Illusionist Dry Gin x 2 set instead of buying a single bottle at a time.

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