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4 x 50ml, 45% Vol.

A foursome of gin pleasure.

Magical: 4 miniatures for the road. Each bottle contains 50ml of our Illusionist Dry Gin - the ideal amount for one serve of Gin & Tonic. The perfect party companion, with a few tricks up its sleeve.

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Our shop focuses on our main product, the Illusionist Dry Gin. Our other products have their own pages where they are presented. Just browse through our shop to find direct links to our product pages.

If you're looking for that little bit extra, to upgrade your home bar or simply to enhance your cocktails, you've come to the right place. The Illusionist offers exceptional additional bar items such as glass straws, custom bar mats and our Illusionist Speedopener.

We also sell a handy tote bag. Our durable tote bags are perfect for packing for the beach or carrying a gift box to a party. You'll find our tote bags under the "Frequently Bought Together" option on the page for our glass sets or gift boxes.

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Our bottles are made from clear glass covered with a black matte coating. Recycling these bottles is safe, and you can add them to your white glass recycling container.

Using recyclable materials is a responsible way of taking steps to protect the environment. National Geographic reports that 79 percent of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics produced around the globe are either littered or sitting in landfills. Less than 10 percent of plastic products are recycled.

In contrast, Statista reports that 21 percent of glass is recycled. That figure rises to 32 percent when only container glass, such as bowls and bottles, is considered. The high recycling rate makes glass a more responsible choice for beverage packaging.

Our glass bottles offer consumers multiple advantages. For one, it isn't a good idea to package alcohol in plastic containers because plastic bottles allow oxygen permeation. Our glass bottles also have a black matte coating. It's easier for sunlight to pass through clear containers, and since it's harder to recycle colored plastics, most plastic bottles are clear. Exposure to sunlight makes alcohol go bad faster, decreasing its shelf life. Storing gin in coated glass bottles offers extra protection against sunlight.

Using recyclable bottles benefits consumers because recycling protects the planet. We use fewer fossil fuels when we use recycled materials, and choosing materials less likely to end up in a landfill ensures we're doing our part to protect the planet.

You can make an environmentally friendly and economical choice to upcycle our bottles after you finish your gin. Since glass bottles are dishwasher-safe, it's possible to sanitize your bottle and use it to store other beverages. Plastic containers aren't meant to be used long-term because plastic breaks down over time, leaching chemicals into the beverages inside. Glass bottles don't break down or add harmful chemicals to your beverages. Whether you want to store filtered water in the fridge or need a container to make cucumber water or another beverage, our glass bottles are a perfect option.

You can use our glass bottles to store olive oil, or combine your favorite spices to make a unique spice blend for storage. Glass bottles can also be used as canning jars or serve multiple other purposes. They're an excellent item for crafts and can be used to make lamps, pen holders, bird feeders, vases, soap dispensers, and much more.

Glass bottles make beautiful lamps, and you won't spend a fortune creating custom household decor that lights up any space. You can buy a lamp socket kit containing bottle adapters, a socket, and an 18-gauge electric cord that connects your socket to an outlet. You can also thread LED light strings into the bottles to create portable lights that run on batteries.

Are you tired of tossing dispenser pumps and plastic soap bottles into the recycling bin? Use the dispenser pump with your glass bottle and make a custom soap dispenser perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Making soap dispensers is a great way to reduce household waste because you can buy larger containers of soap and refill your glass bottles, and you can find short videos on YouTube that will walk you through the steps.

Turning our stylish black matte bottles into vases doesn't take much. You can use yarn, acetone, a lighter, and a pitcher of cold water to remove the bottle's top safely. Sand down the edges to make them smooth so you won't cut yourself when adding or removing flowers. You can also use acrylic paint and stencils to change the bottle's color and design. You can follow the same steps to turn glass bottles into pen or toothbrush holders. You can even use glass bottles to store kitchen utensils.

Bottles are also perfect for creating seasonal decor. Repaint bottles with glittery white paint that looks perfect in winter and add some pine branches or candles during the holiday season. You can also retain the black finish and stencil on bloody eyeballs and add black candles for Halloween.