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250ml Erlenmeyerkolben x 6

Looking for an appropriate vessel to harbour the perfect Gin & Tonic serve? Say no more… Our flasks were made for exactly that purpose. These lab-grade Borosilicate glass flasks come with measure lines based on our recommendation of the perfect ratio of gin, ice, and tonic. Certainly a nice addition to your glassware collection.

Our flasks have a diameter of 50mm, fits standard ice cubes.

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Our glasses hold 250ml of liquid, the equivalent of one cup and the typical size of a small mug. This size makes them ideal for serving cocktails and easy storage on bar shelves or in a glass cupboard.

The glass design is modeled after an Erlenmeyer flask, a container associated with laboratories and used for mixing liquids. This design was created by a German chemist named Emil Erlenmeyer in 1860. Using the Erlenmeyer flask design for our glassware is a fun way of recognizing Erlenmeyer's contributions to chemistry.

Erlenmeyer flasks are conical glasses with a flat bottom. Our glasses have been custom-made with the (traditionally narrow) neck wide enough to be able to insert regular ice cubes

Our glassware uses the same glass as Erlenmeyer flasks you would find in labs. Lab-grade borosilicate glass is ideal for mixing and heating liquids. You can also safely put them in your dishwasher or sterilize them with boiling water.

Although they can break if dropped, many restaurant and bar owners have adopted borosilicate glasses. Regular glassware cracks if heated and cooled quickly, and borosilicate glass is better suited to the temperature changes that come from repeated use in restaurants and bars.

Making cocktails the Illusionist way is an impressive visual display. It's a process people want to watch as the liquids change color to create an impressive beverage. Mixing cocktails also requires precision. While a bartender may be capable of eyeballing volume in some regular glasses, even an experienced bartender may need to measure some ingredients. The wrong measurements with too much or too little alcohol compromise the taste. We designed our Erlenmeyer flasks to give you the perfect serving of blue dry gin every time so each cocktail looks and tastes like a work of art.

The Illusionist Dry Gin changes color when mixed with tonic water because the tonic water, or your favorite citrus-based mixer, changes the pH level of the liquid.

We added measuring lines to our glasses to make mixing gin and tonic for the perfect cocktail easy. Using the measuring lines makes you look like a pro when mixing drinks for friends. You'll also use fewer glasses because you won't need an alcohol jigger to measure gin when making cocktails.

Looking for inspiration to create your next colorful and flavorful masterpiece? We have you covered. The Illusionist Dry Gin website includes a page dedicated to mixing cocktails. Referring to this page provides easy access to multiple recipes you can try. You'll always be able to find the right mix for your mood with these recipes on hand.

We also have a newsletter, Facebook page, and Instagram page. Our monthly newsletter provides updates, such as what we're drinking, where we're drinking, and what we're listening to. You can use our tips to add to your recipes, and newsletter subscribers can also access special discount codes. Liking and following our Facebook and Instagram pages are another way to discover cocktail recipes because we regularly share recipes on both social media platforms.

The best tonics to mix with Illusionist Dry Gin are neutral ones without a strong flavor because you don't want to add tonic water that clashes with our gin's fruity, floral taste. Some of the brands we recommend include Fever Tree Aqua Monaco Indian Tonic, Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic, and Schweppes Dry Tonic. You can also use experimentation to discover other tonic waters that you favor.

We also feature recipes on our website that call for mixing Illusionist Dry Gin with lemon juice, vermouth, soda, and lime juice. Many of the recipes we share also call for other ingredients, including rosemary syrup, ice, Créme de Violette liqueur, honey, honey syrup, Maraschino liqueur, ginger marmalade, orange bitters, Bergamote liqueur, Timor berry cordial by MONIN, egg whites, maple syrup, simple syrup, Aperol, Club soda, Angostura Bitters, champagne, peppermint bitters, wine, pears, and chamomile syrup.

Garnishes can serve a decorative purpose. Many restaurants and bars add a slice of orange or lemon to the rim of the glass when they serve beverages. Decorative garnishes also include nonedible items, such as little umbrellas.

Garnishes can also be edible items that deliberately complement or contrast the beverage's flavor. Whether you use a complementary or contrasting garnish depends on the type of cocktail you're making and your personal preferences.

Adding a sprig of rosemary can be a nice finishing touch for cocktails. You can also add a lemongrass stem for a flavorful and decorative touch. The Illusionist Dry Gin contains citrus fruits, and you can enhance that ingredient's flavor and aroma with a slice of orange or, if you prefer, lemon or lime. You can also use edible flowers as garnishes.

Non-edible garnishes include seasonal flowers. Choose a soft blue flower that reflects our gin's original color and contrasts with the pink hue you get when you mix tonic water with The Illusionist Dry Gin. Alternatively, you could opt for a soft pink flower that matches the color of the cocktail. Other nonedible options include drinking straws, flags, and plastic animals.

Our custom glass design is perfect for anyone who serves guests in their home or wants a custom glass when they enjoy a cocktail. Adding The Illusionist Home Bar Bundle to your order is excellent because you'll stock up on Illusionist Dry Gin and get a bar runner to give your bar a refined touch. You can also consider purchasing our Potion Package, which includes Illusionist Dry Gin, a speed opener, reusable straws, and a straw cleaner.