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500ml, 45% Vol. & 2 x Illusionist Erlenmeyer Flasks

Unravel the secret of the Illusionist Dry Gin with this perfect gift box, the Mysterium. The high quality box complete with our unique optical illusion design contains 1 x 500ml Illusionist Dry Gin accompanied by 2 x Illusionist Flasks. A wonderful kit for those home mixology enthusiasts, ready for the unexpected.

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Our Illusionist Mysterium Gift Set contains one 500ml bottle of Illusionist Dry Gin. We use stunning black bottles that perfectly contrast our golden emblem and protect our blue gin from exposure to sunlight. A 500ml bottle is ideal because you’ll have enough blue gin to make between eight and 12 cocktails, making it the perfect size to give as a gift. Every part of this present looks impressive because the Mysterium Gift Set secures these gorgeous bottles in a stunning custom box.

Two Erlenmeyer flask glasses flank the bottle of blue gin. These glasses are modeled after our unique take on Erlenmeyer flasks, named for German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer, who created the flask’s design in the 1800s. The borosilicate glass is the same glass used for lab flasks, increasing its durability and enabling our glasses to handle temperature changes without cracking. These dishwasher-safe glasses have measuring lines, so you can mix drinks without using a jigger to measure alcohol.

The Illusionist Mysterium Gift Set has a custom box used to secure the bottle of gin and Illusionist glasses. The box protects these items during transit and also makes it easy to wrap the Illusionist Mysterium Gift Set, making it the perfect gift.

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Germany's extensive recycling program makes it easy to deposit glass bottles in recycling bins, ensuring they’re recycled safely. Using the national recycling program is the best way to protect the environment while disposing of our glass bottles. Facilities need special equipment to recycle glass before it can be reused, which is why it’s best to use the recycling system. 

Instead of recycling, you can upcycle these stylish bottles and use them to make household decor and other items. Thanks to the internet, you can use an endless supply of easy-to-follow instructions to transform bottles into bird feeders, terrariums, soap dispensers, tiki torches, garden decorations, candle holders, self-watering planters, lights, stained glass decor, bottle walls, vases, storage containers, pencil holders, and more.

You can also repurpose these bottles by giving them to someone crafty. Or, you can turn your craft skills into a small business and create beautiful bottle lamps and holiday decorations you can sell.

We don’t sell empty bottles separately. Purchasing bottles of our blue gin is the best way to acquire our bottles. You can also find local vendors who might be willing to sell you empty bottles directly. Some may deal with large volumes of bottles, and it may not be convenient for them to let individuals pay the deposit for their bottles, but it never hurts to ask. You might be able to arrange to get bottles from them if you provide them with ongoing business or if you need the bottles for a charitable cause.

When founders Tim Steglich and Max Muggenthaler began refining the recipe for The Illusionist Dry Gin, they chose an environmentally friendly, economical option and used secondhand materials to make a homemade pot still. In 2018, Arnold Holstein built a new copper still to replace our original pot still. We manually produce every bottle of Illusionist Dry Gin we sell, giving it our personal touch to ensure every batch maintains our standard of excellence.